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"Surround yourself with those who believe in YOU and open your heart to all the gifts you receive. And never allow previous problems to overcome you, a chemo/therapy time is only for healing. Remember there are lots of survivors." ..Linda Maria Drew

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Cancer Support Center of Maine

147 Main Street

Bucksport, Maine, 04416

Phone: 207-322-0960

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The Cancer Support Center of Maine | Thank You!!

Thank You to These Wonderful Supporters

The Center wishes to express a heartfelt thank you to the following people for their generosity and support:


Winfred LaCasce
Kathleen & Peter Jenkins
Evelyn Vistica
Lois Hayes & Julie Ogletree
Margaret & Michael Comer
Cherryl & Robert Losurdo
Phillip & Barbara Graff
Mary & Stephen White
Dr. Gary Fessler
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Gaffney
Dr. William Caddoo

Roger & Teri Casey
Dr. Paul & Evelyn Liebow
Kenneth & Eleanor Vittum
Bonnie Brennan
Forest & Susan Hart
Linda Morneault
Leigh& Cheryl Williamson
Richard Judkins
Gerald & Patricia Couture
Atlantic Bay Chiropractic
Elizabeth Aldrich
Kathleen Winberg
Mary & Brad Allen
Charlene & Cleve Kennedy
Ro LeGasse
Polly & Colin Beeson
Anne Hayes
Cheryl Boyle
Dr. John Bradford
Deborah Henderson
Brandon O’Clair
Caren McCourtney & Gabrielle Wellman
Barbara Bridges
Richard Rosen
Danny & Bille Keeler
Cora Jo Wills
Arthur Hand
Beth Henderson & Deb Lattizori
Jean Arsenault
Maureen & Steve Harris
K. B. Nolen
Sandra Sigmon
Robert Garrecht
Charleyne Gilbert
William Dresser
Joyce Donnell
Alan & Martha Pickering
Jeff & Judy Burke


Bonnie Brennan, Bucksport, ME
Janice Calhoun, Orrington, ME
Christina Molloy, Bangor ME
Hanna Binett, Bangor, ME
Kirk Grant, Bangor, ME
Greg Greenman, Australia & Bangor, ME
Carmen Detour, Daigle Kenduskeag, ME
Ro Legasse, Bangor, ME
Cheryl Boyle, Bucksport, ME
Herman Nelson, Bangor, ME
Jim & Sam Doty, Penobscot, ME
Richard Judkins, Bucksport, ME
Pam Dunbar Orland, ME
Jeff Horne
Sharon Buck


Mr. George Marshal & The Katherine Ebbert Marshall Fund Orland, ME
Lou Harris Newport, ME
Avy Claire Blue Hill, ME
Jeffrey & Lori Sawyer Holden, ME
Janice Tabor & The Vittum Family Saco, ME
Dr & Mrs. Paul Liebow Bucksport, ME
John Hyk Prospect, ME
Dr. Beth-Ann Lieberman Trenton, ME
Paul Blouin Suzuki - Paul Blouin Augusta, ME

Renovation Team

George Marshal of Orland for fund$ for the project
Herman Nelson of Bangor for carpentry, etc.
Ron Reed of Levant for fussy painting & therapy
Bubba Buddy of Levant - our Mascot American Bull Dog
Carmen Detour of Kenduskeag - you name it… she did it
Dale O’Ben of Windsor for yard work, muscles, & chuckles
Bruce Suppes of Stockton for dandy handy man stuff
Nancy Suppes of Stockton for fix it, clean it, & buff it
James Melanson of Liberty for floors and walls
Janice Calhoun of Brewer Lake for sanding & laughs
Kenneth Vittum of Ellsworth for furniture & windows
Eleanor Vittum & Marguerite Aldrich for furniture
Chris Molloy of Orrington for cleaning, computer skills, & then some
Colin Shepard of Orrington for cleaning, etc.
Bonnie Brennan of Bucksport for equipment & coffee
Tim Webster of Prospect for blood, sweat, tears, & jokes
Jerry Ellis of Bangor for lots of elbow grease
Martha Ohrenberger of Penobscot for office set up
Cecelia Ames of Verona for the desk and advice